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      Front End Editing

      Front End Editing - FrEE
      is the most outstanding feature of COMSHARP CMS.
      All content are organized and edited
      directly on front end page


      You can design the layout, style
      of your page directly on end page
      with floating design buttons.
      Perfectly Support
      PC and Mobile Devices

      The websites powered by COMSHARP CMS
      support desktop PC and mobile devices perfectly.

      When accessed by PC,
      Traditional desktop site layout is rendered,

      and when accessed by pad and mobile phone,
      the minimal layout for mobile devices is rendered.
      System also optimized the page content,
      to adapte the small screen of mobile devices.
      Multi Language Website
      in Easy Way

      You simply input multi language content in TinyMCE
      editor when you edit the page content.
      The system finishes the rest with language switch and navigation.

      Support 136 Languages|CN/EN UI Languages Builtin
      Rich Content Type

      Support rich text, picture, table, video, audio, flash,
      Multimedia, news, blog, online map, online doc, free code.
      Support Community & Forum.
      References of content, posts and resources.
      References of system API by API tag.
      Predefined template in editor.
      TinyMCE and Baidu UEditor builtin.

      Quick Deployment

      You Need Only 3 Steps to Deploy COMSHARP CMS

      1. Find a COMSHARP CMS image from Cloud Providers (Aliyun Recommended).
      2. Remote to your image and rebound the site with your own domain.
      3. Access your site, edit your own content under admin account.

      You can also download the installation pack from COMSHARP CMS official site, and deploy the site to your own server with the instruction attached.

      7 x 12 Hot Line
      +86 - 532 - 83669660
      Wechat: comsharp
      QQ: 13885509
      QQ: 592748664
      Skype: comsharp
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